At My Bridge International UK Sport Charity, we believe in the transformative power of sports and the boundless potential of compassion. Our mission is simple yet profound: to create a positive and lasting impact on communities by harnessing the energy of sports to drive meaningful change.

Who we are?

History and Values

Since our inception, SportsHeart Charity has been committed to driving change through unity and compassion. Our journey began with a small group of passionate athletes who saw the potential to make a difference beyond the arena. Over the years, our unwavering dedication to our values has allowed us to touch countless lives and create lasting memories.

Join us in making a difference

Together, let’s rewrite the story of communities and inspire a future filled with boundless possibilities. Join SportsHeart Charity today and help us shape a world where sports truly touch every heart.

Our Mission

My Bridge International UK Sport Charity unites sports and charity to achieve extraordinary results. We use the universal language of sports to uplift lives, foster camaraderie, and inspire hope.

Our Approach

My Bridge International UK Sport Charity blends sports and charity for transformative community impact. We see sports as a powerful tool for social change, uniting people across backgrounds.

Our Next Charity-Driven Sports Programs

15 Aug
12:08 AM

Play for a Cause Football League

Lace up your cleats and join our Play for a Cause Football League – a platform where athletes
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30 Aug
06:08 AM

Running Miles of Feature

Step onto the track and take strides towards change with our Running Miles of Hope event
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12 Sep
12:09 AM

Swing for Dreams Golf Tourna

Grab your clubs and tee off for a cause at our Swing for Dreams Golf Tournament. This premier
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Empowering Lives Through Sports

You’re not just engaging in physical activities. You’re contributing to real, tangible change.

Join us to transforming lives through sports.

Funding scholarships, school supplies, and educational resources for children who dream of a brighter future.

Funding scholarships, school supplies, and educational resources for children who dream of a brighter future.

Funding scholarships, school supplies, and educational resources for children who dream of a brighter future.

Ready to be a part of the change?

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Real Voices, Real Impact

Jasmine Cohen

Brooklyn Simmons

Maria Alexander

Jasmine's Journey to Confidence

Meet Jasmine, a young girl whose life took a remarkable turn when she joined our "Play for a Cause Football League." Struggling with self-confidence, Jasmine found solace and purpose on the football field. Through the guidance of our coaches and the camaraderie of her teammates, Jasmine blossomed into a confident team player and emerged as a leader both on and off the pitch. Her journey exemplifies how sports can empower young minds and nurture qualities that extend far beyond the game.

Jasmine Cohen

Primary Teacher

From Struggles to Strides

Simmons's life was marked by adversity and challenges, but his determination remained unshaken. His participation in the "Running Miles of Hope" event became a turning point. Through months of training and preparation, Simmons not only conquered the physical challenge but also found a renewed sense of purpose. His story reflects the resilience of the human spirit and how the support of a community can propel an individual towards achieving the seemingly impossible.

Brooklyn Simmons

Medical Assistant

Swinging for Dreams: Maria's Triumph

Maria's dream of pursuing golf seemed distant due to financial constraints. However, her talent caught our attention during the "Swing for Dreams Golf Tournament." Through the support of event sponsors and our organization, Maria was granted a scholarship that opened doors to professional training and competitions. Today, Maria stands as a beacon of determination, demonstrating how sports can unlock opportunities and empower dreams.

Maria Alexander

Nursing Assistant

These stories are just a glimpse of the many lives that My Bridge International UK Sport Charity has touched. We invite you to be a part of this remarkable journey of transformation.


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