Educating Africa’s Children

We understood how children residing in African countries become subject to poverty, being far left behind their educated peers in developed nations. They don’t have sufficient access to textbooks, reading materials, language resources, and numerical challenges, which ultimately influence their future career choices and personal development. All of these factors play a massive role in low literacy rates in Africa.

We assisted children in achieving a fair shot at life by providing educational support in Africa. Our purpose was to build schools and provide funds and resources to education projects that’ll ensure these children’s access to quality education.

Pandemic Relief In Africa

We helped communities recover from the pandemic by strengthening their resilience and contributing to decreasing their debt burden. Our objective was to raise pandemic relief funds from domestic and international sources, and use them to create relief packages for African families in Burundi, Congo, Nigeria, Liberia, and Malawi.

The pandemic relief included food, clothing, medical supplies, protective wear, and other similar items.

Sending Clothes To Africa

Most Africans rely on clothing donations from developed nations and other countries to get access to used or second-hand clothes that they can use and wear daily. It’s safe to say that the African population’s inability to have clothing is a major crisis that should be discussed and addressed more than it already is.

Our primary purpose was to provide Africans with clean, well-sewn, and appropriate clothing for men, women, and children.

Clean Water For Africans

We helped Africans by doing our part in ending the water crisis, and providing them with the funds, resources, and means to always have access to clean drinking water.

Our primary purpose was to arrange clean water for people in need with the objective to ensure that they no longer must resort to dangerous ways to stay hydrated.

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